Q10眼部Gel Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Eye Gel






Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Eye Gel is extracted from Australia’s pure lanolin and the essence of placenta. Contains nutrients such as vitamin C, bearberry extract, whey protein, placental enzyme and hyaluronic acid. It is an oil-free gel that helps to lock in moisture. It has long-lasting moisturizing and can maintain the elasticity of the skin. It can help reduce eye bags and dark circles, smooth out crow’s feet and smooth fine lines. Rejuvenates the contours of the eyes and revives the softness, comfort, elasticity and smoothness of the skin around the eyes. Relieve eye puffiness and reduce fat particles.

  • Eliminate the inflammation, dehydration and loss of youthful firmness in the eye area.
  • Designed with multi-action interceptors that counterattack at every stage of aging helping to prevent, repair and maintain the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • Quick absorption.
  • Visible reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps smooth skin and improve elasticity.
  • Restores hydration.
每天塗抹在每個眼睛區域的外部。 用指尖輕柔地輕輕按摩,直至完全吸收。 Apply daily onto the outer part of each eye area. Massage using fingertips and with gentle dabbing movements until it has been absorbed completely.