Q10護手身體乳 Q10 Hand And Face Cream



Q10香氛滋潤霜,保濕和滋潤肌膚,使肌膚柔嫩,光滑,滋潤 針對身體與手部肌膚質地,深沉滋潤,使肌膚恢復光滑,軟化角質層,柔軟肌膚,持久的保濕和天然抗氧化保護 特別適用敏感和乾燥的皮膚,Q10提供保護性滋養,促進肌膚表層再生,并保持均衡的水分。




Q10 Hand And Face Cream moisturizes the skin and makes the skin soft and smooth. Targeting the skin on the body and hands, it deeply moisturizes, restores smoothness to the skin, softens the stratum corneum, and provides long-lasting moisturizing and natural antioxidant protection. Especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin, Q10 provides protective nourishment, promotes skin surface regeneration, and maintains a balanced moisture.

此產品包含Q10,羊毛脂,角鯊烯,牛油果油,維生素E等。適用於所有膚質。擠壓到手掌上,順時針按摩肌膚,直至充分吸收。 This product contains Q10, lanolin, squalene, shea butter, Vitamin E, etc. Suitable for all skin types. Squeeze it into the palm of your hand and massage the skin clockwise until fully absorbed.